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Freak Friday: Miraculosos ojos

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    Meet Blu, unmistakably named for his most riveting feature. There's a song called Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu that was cool, then so uncool that it became cool again. You've probably heard it in a lift.

    You can't use just one word to describe a pet's eyes. They could be buttons, or oceans, or wells, or saucers, or dots. They're all beautiful, whichever size.

    And whichever colour (or colours) they are. And oh, the colours! These are beacons of intelligence and beams of attentiveness, even if they can no longer be seen through.

    Today's collection of readers' pet photos has a focus on the eyes but you get to feast your own eyes on the rest of the pets' beauty and character too. Scroll and enjoy!

    Meet ... well, I can't tell you his name because I've forgotten it. He's one of my dog's occasional playmates from the dog park and his terrier eyes are like lasers.

    Thanks to all for submitting photos. Please email me your own pet photos, or message me via the Four Legs Good Facebook page. Help keep Furry Friday free of embarrassing mistakes by remembering to include your pet's name, and its sex if it's not obvious!

    Henry is a rescue cat who now occupies the most comfortable position imaginable.

    Using blogger's prerogative, I share a picture of my Riley, when he was keeping me company during some cold-ridden days. Those are my socks. For the past week and a half he's been doing sickness-support duty again. (There's a lot of it about.)

    Lola is thinking that she's well camouflaged among other benchtop items.

    That intent yet slightly vacant look a dog gives you when you are suspected of carrying a treat. Here performed by Scooby (left) and Bumpa.

    Mocha is rugged up in finery.

    Earl Grey is well used to the camera. Can he possibly be tiring of it? Hope not.

    Bailey is a button-eyed young fellow with a snazzy wardrobe.

    In lighting that highlights her whiskery beauty, Adaine muses.

    Alfie has just been told what a good boy he is. A certain pride is justifiable.

    Otis makes his Furry Friday debut, at the age of six months. I'm told he's a good lad, despite having set off his human's medical alarm when jumping on to the kitchen bench. (I wonder how many alarms have been set off by pets.)

    Wicket and Rex pose peacefully, giving an entirely misleading impression of their usual behaviour together.

    Pesto enjoys the spring sunshine in Wellington.

    Between Angus's eyes grows a wrinkle-tree.

    Zelda sports the unique ears of her Scottish Fold breed.

    Po's stare leaves you with twin holes bored right through.

    Luca models that look that exonerates all error and compels forgiveness.

    Abby has made a few appearances in Furry Friday over the past five years. In this shot her eyes and endless whiskers are seen to beautiful effect.

    Was the wall colour chosen to match Paddy's eyes?

    Ellie on one's lap compels the launching of one's camera app.

    Abby is interested to know if it's dinner time yet.

    Kedi is blessed with tabby symmetry.

    I love the way a dog will set its chin down and follow you with its eyes. This is Max, letting his eyes do the work.

    Louie judges you, but not too harshly on this occasion.

    Finn settles herself down for some pillow talk with you. Whisper to her what a good girl she is.

    The fiery eyes of Billie, complete with matching comet trails.

    Floki's eyes take a rest while his nose takes over.

    George has just reached a state of ecstasy, possibly by way of a tummy tickle.

    Impa's no-nonsense eyes stare out from a supersoft face.

    Gigi and Gianni are Chocolate-Point Birmans capable of stopping your breath at will.

    Billie (left) and Jäger are happy to see you.

    Jasper (left) and Renzo take a thoughtful moment out from their play.

    Gyp (left) and Vera love the smells and feels of the beach.

    Finally, take a moment to clock the eyes of Millie. Wouldn't you love to achieve her focus? And she doesn't even drink coffee.


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